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My Story

My name is Marta Cohen Musolf and I am a mother, a wife,

a friend, a business woman, a divorcee,

an ex wife, a step mom, a dog mom,

a sister, a daughter,

&  a connector. 

I believe that one of my super powers is to help others keep

their head together during THE

most challenging of times; Divorce.

I've been there, and

I know how to be here for you right now.

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  •  Mediator (Rule 114 Qualified Neutral with the State of MN and on the State     Court Administator's Roster) specializing in Family Law

  •  40 hour Family Mediation Training in 2019 at the Mediation Center

  •  Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice training in 2021 from the       Collabroative Law Institute

My Mission

My mission is to help support and coach clients through the emotion, overload of

information and confusion of divorce.
As a
Divorce Coach, I will help you learn how to navigate a "new normal" while supporting you

as a strategic thinking partner.

As a Mediator, I will help you facilitate communication & negotiation to promote voluntary

decision making.
Let me help you own your story so that you can write your own brave new ending.
Call me right now or set up an appointment below.

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