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Rise Up and Meet the Day

This last month has been filled with a lot of noise.

Between the elections, Covid 19 protocols/potential state-wide shut downs, job loss/pivots, restricted Holidays, Mercury in Retrograde; you heard a LOT of noise. I mean, how much noise can we really accomodate in our day?

On top of this, a lot of us are trying to raise compassionate and kind children. But if kids aren't on your plate, there is the also communial attempt to nourish our relationships with family, significant others and friends.

Folks, this is a lot.

So if all of this has you questioning your worth, your contribution to the miriad of spaces we are supposed to contribute to, or whether or not you are "succeding" in some form or fashion? Let me reassure you that you are. Rising up to meet every day is your amazing gift to this planet. The shockwaves that resonate off of you and ripple into your community keeps hearts pumping. Please keep at it because every day, built within every waking moment, we have an opportunity to rise up. To meet the challenges that we have set for ourselves, our community and our globe.

How do you rise up? Well, that is a conversation starter with ourselves from the minute we open our eyes in the morning, isn't it. I would ask you to remember that today, right now, this moment, is all that is guaranteed. All of the horizontal thinking and anxiety drive about what the day, week or month holds for us is just a space to spin. Elizabeth Gilbert said "If I am awake enough to tell myself I'm a piece of shit, I'm awake enough to get my day started." There is something to be said for opening your eyes and getting right to it!

Maybe your getting right to your mat for some yoga or meditation to get your brain right.

Maybe you need to hit your emails first thing to get tasks set for your day.

Maybe coffee and the paper is your jam.

Whatever it is, if it's working for you, keep at it. If your struggling? Take one step at a time. Identify just one new habit you are willing to conquor. Is taking a shower first thing something you have been meaning to do? Will it get you in the right head space? I challenge you to do it for 15 days straight and see if that becomes your new routine.

Set some other daily challenges for yourself, make them small at first, and see if they can grow into your daily 'rise up routine'. Let me know in the comments or reach out directly and tell me how it goes.

I'm rooting for you!

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift; that is why it is called the present."

-Master Oogway; Kung Foo Panda

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