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"Should I stay or Should I go now?"

"If I go there will be trouble...If I stay it will be double" - The Clash

What to do? It's a realy hard question and one that has a different answer for each individual and for each situation. Sadly, there is no right answer and no answer that will leave everyone at peace and in agreement.

Are you feeling like this rings true for you? I'm so sorry. Really, I am. This is one of the most difficult spaces you may ever find youself in, but you will find your way out. That is a promise. And on your way out, you may find what seems like the clear path to travel but it still may be full of winding roads, twisty corners and a lot of dirt and gravel. It's ok. Keep moving forward.

Leaving is the first step and can be the biggest. It may feel like a step off the curb or it could feel like you are staring down the Grand Canyon. Again, no two people will feel the exact same in the situation. This is where you get to know yourself, again. And again. And again.

Take a step back from the ledge and look honstly at where you are in the situation and what space you are occupying in your life.

Do you feel like you need some more boundaries? Maybe that is all it will take to work it out?

Do you feel like just living apart for a while may push some clarity into your situation?

Maybe you are ready to step off into something new?

Whatever or wherever you are in this space, if you are starting to question leaving, then I emplore you to take the time you need to understand what that looks like for you. Need some more help? Maybe you need a sounding board or someone to walk you through what these next steps look like or what they will translate to in "real time". These are just some of the questions I can help you sort through. Reach out anytime...

"Sometimes in the wave of change we find our true direction" - Unknown

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