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Welcome ~

It is so great to have you here; thank you for showing up.

This practice has been something that I have been working for a really long time with friends and associates, but never truly believed that I could do it for a full time job. Then COVID hit and my previously successful Event Planning business became not so successful, and opportunities opened up for this practice. I couldn't look the other way.

Looking back, I realized that divorce had been there during my whole life. My father was a practicing Family Law attorney and any free moments were spent in the office with him, or going to trial. I knew what a J&D was by 10 years old.

My brother took over his firm when we were in our 20's, and kept up the family tradition. Shortly thereafter, my parents got divorced. I was 26 and had just met the man that I would marry. And my brother and his wife just had thier first son. It was a really weird time.

Fast forward 12 years, and I'm divorced. I have been with my 2nd husband for 11 years, and he is divorced.

There is much that I have seen, discussed, experienced, and wittnessed in my short time on this Earth and it would be my honor to share and walk with you during the Divorce journey that you are contemplating or in at this moment.

"Follow your bliss & don't be afraid & doors will open where you didn't know they would be."

- Joseph Campbell

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